Saturday, May 10, 2008

About the Playlists

I thought you could use a reality check for when I rave about some record or other, so I added some play lists. They are my in-no-way-comprehensive personal best-of, comprised of songs that:

  • I happen to like a lot. What else?
  • Are easy to like. This is for your sake.
  • Are not the obvious choices. What’s the point? You already know what you like, and that stuff might be overplayed anyway.
  • I could find.

And since I can’t leave well enough alone, I broke the songs down into decades. I don’t know why. I guess I think it’ll be easier to manage, or it will give you something to get your ears around. If you don’t like the one that’s playing, just pause it and start another one.

The louder, less respectable songs are on “Rock and Roll”. I’ve segregated it so that you can go to it when you’re in the mood. I do when I’m pissed off about something.

I moved the stranger songs to a list called “Weird and Wonderful”. Try this when you’re feeling a little adventurous. And who knows, you might not find them weird at all.

I also decided to add a list called “My Idea of Easy Listening”, which is my admission that quiet music can be very powerful. You already knew that, but I may have given you the idea that I don’t like this kind of thing. Not true, and these are the ones that get to me.

Occasionally, I’ll accidentally grab a sloppy live version or mislabeled song. Let me know and I’ll fix it.

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