Monday, September 7, 2009

My Decade, Your Decade - Whatever

Okay, summer’s kinda over. Time for me to get off my ass and take a look at this musical decade. You know, to avoid the Christmas rush.

Be a stickler if you like, and tell me it won’t be over until the end of 2010, but I’m not buying it. For me, it’s 2000 through 2009, so if you disagree, let’s just agree that you’re wrong. Hey, I need the extra time, since I’m, almost by definition, at least a year behind, and many dollars short.

I guess there’ll be a My Decade aspect to this, which covers the CDs I got this decade, regardless of when they came out, and an Our Decade, which is limited to what was released this decade, at least the miniscule portion I heard. Who cares, you ask? Good question. It would be miraculous if either My or Ours bore any relation to Yours.

Now if you have no life and take an unwarranted interest in my opinion, please don’t write me an outraged email about how I’m a socialist because I didn’t mention your favorite album. I probably didn’t even hear it. And if I did, and just didn’t get it, who cares?

But if you want to tell me about a great album that I missed, fine. I’m showing you mine - you might as well show me yours. I can always add it to my wish list, and my wife’ll get it for me for Christmas. (Because it’s all about me, you see.) But keep in mind what kinds of music I seem to like (to your right) and not like. Metal, for instance. I don’t get metal. I don’t like metal. Unless it’s a quintessential “metal album that non-metal heads will love”, don’t bother.

By the way, if you have a suggestion about what to call this decade, I’m all ears. I still don’t know. (The Aughts? The Oughts?)

And the more I look at it, I may in fact be at least a decade, and perhaps a century, behind, since I seemed to have spent the earlier part of this one catching up with the latter part of the last one. I suspect I’ll continue along this way, catching up with the last century whenever possible. Which pretty much means jazz, which ended in 1965 by the way. (Just kidding.) I had been getting into classical music but I kept getting beat up by the other kids. Now that I’m bigger, I’ll try again.

Coming up next, My 2000.

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