Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jaybee Has Risen from the Grave, or Nutboy Saves the Day

So there I was at my son’s Pre-Prom Parent’s We-Hope-They-Don’t-Have-Sex get together, when Nutboy snuck up on me.  I had spotted him earlier, and was on my guard.  But I let my guard down (i.e., stuffed my face) and before I knew it, there he was standing right next to me.

I had met Nutboy previously but didn’t realize it at the time, because he was disguised as his alter ego – Responsible Adult.  But then I found out that he liked music that an actual Responsible Adult would never listen to, like Modest Mouse and My Morning Jacket.

But on this night he would reveal his true identity – Nutboy, middle aged music fanatic– in other words, a guy just like me, only better looking.  Now I don’t want you thinking that this is just my fanciful way of describing myself.  You know those movies where the narrator describes a character who turns out to be him?  I must state clearly that this is not me.  This is another human being, very similar to me.  And that thought just brings chills.

So we begin chatting and it turns out he also likes bands like the Go Betweens and the Flaming Lips.  He even likes obscure Bob Dylan songs (you know the ones that cause your spouse to roll their eyes?)!
Then we started going on about how very few of our friends share our enthusiasm.  I said that someone really ought to try to bring these people up to speed.  You know, do a blog or something.  Then I remembered that I was already doing that, but I hadn’t been doing anything with it for a while…  Why?  It’s a long story, and really, who cares?

But essentially, Nutboy reminded me of why I began blogging (aside from the narcissism) in the first place.  And in one of life’s great ironies, Nutboy OF COURSE finds the link to the blog in my email signature, and starts reading my blog without me even telling him about it.  Him being the one person who is in the least need of it.  So that shows me that maybe another reason to do it is to make people like me (and Nutboy) feel like they’re not….well, nuts.
We met again at the Post-Prom Oh-My-God-We-Think-They-Had-Sex Dinner, where I met his fiance, who had the same patient, enduring expression that I sometimes see on my wife’s face (usually when I talk about what Built to Spill CD I should get…)  But that may have been my fault because I think I was asking Nutboy what Built to Spill CD I should get. 
We found the women drinking at the bar several hours later.  We hadn’t decided on the best BTS album yet, but they told me what I could do with it once I got it. 

In any event, jaybee is back, or will be back, or will try to be back, or something very committed sounding like that.  I have to be, what with Nutboy now breathing down my neck, and maybe thinking of starting his own blog.  

So rest easy.  I’m back.  Or not - I don’t know.

See you soon.  


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