About Jaybee

Jaybee quickly approaching fifty five and looks it.  

He's barely able to maintain a level of competence at his real job, but somehow thinks he’s got the right to tell people what music they should listen to. His specialty is ruining dinner parties with inappropriate music.

He's got the same boring hobbies and interests everyone else has, but has somehow convinced himself that he's "interesting".  But even he wouldn't say "talented".

I mean, really, what does he know about anything? Music? Please. So he’s got way too many CDs. What does that prove?  What do you think of when you see someone with too many CDs?  Total loser, right?  He could act like an adult if he had any discipline.  He’s got a wife and kids, but they’re buried somewhere underneath all the CDs.

He'd come out and say where he's from, but he's afraid people will come to his house and beat him up for having wasted their time.

Why are you even here?

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