Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My 2012: My Head in the Cloud

Downloading, it turns out, is ever so slightly less pathetic than going to a record store. And maybe the only real difference is that it takes less time. And it’s a good deal less deliberative than I first let on.

Oh, I do go through my research when I get the itch for new music. But more and more lately I’m the victim of the Amazon drive-by.  Every month, it seems, amazon has 100 mp3s on sale for $5. This past January it was 500!  So I perused the list and wrote down about 50 possibilities. Through a method that one could only call...subjective I managed to cull it down to just two.

So you’d think I’d have come up with some real winners

Wild Flag:
I liked Sleater Kinney, love Carrie Brownstein on “Portlandia”, but, sad to say I rarely feel like putting this on. I have to wait for that “hey, I spent good money (?) on that music, so it’s time I got my money’s worth!” moods to go back to it.  Is it the organ? The vocals? The unmemorable songs? I don’t know but it just isn’t resonating with me at all. A huge disappointment. B-


The Essential Leonard Cohen:
Two full CDs worth of LC. You’ve heard too much of a good thing? It seemed that way at first. It really should have been perfect for January, but the early stuff was just too quiet, and the later stuff, too plodding. B

But he’ll be back.
"Sisters of Mercy"

Television: The Complete Elektra Recordings
Classic Marquee Moon. Undeservedly Reviled Adventure and fun Live at the Old Waldorf”. Who could ask for more?  link  A
"See No Evil"

But it doesn’t really count, since it’s not new to me. So downloads have been disappointing so far. Maybe I’m not through with the record store just yet.

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