Saturday, March 23, 2013

Jaybee Gets Out of Bed in 2013

All right, all right.  A new year is like a Saturday for me. I probably drank and ate too much the night before, so it takes a while to for me to get out of bed, take a shower and - what else? - listen to music. Forget about how long it takes me to say anything about it.

So it's time for me to kick off 2013, before the best-of-the-year lists start.

And why not start with a record that placed very high in the 2012 Pazz and Jop poll? Especially with selling it for only $5?

And Lonerism doesn’t disappoint. It doesn’t exactly inspire rapture, either. That might be due to the its all over the place (lo fi production, airy vocals, some synth, and guitars that bounce between 60s and 70s at a moment’s notice) nature. How strong a statement can such an album make, when you picture everyone in the band sitting around smoking a joint? Well, that’s not fair. It must have taken some effort to reference to Dr. Who and Pink Floyd in the same song. I’m still skeptical that all of these very pleasurable individual moments will coalesce into a great album. By about the tenth listen, though, it all came together, highlighted by the sublime “Keep on Lying." And while I don’t hum it on my way to work, it does make the day seem better when I get home. A-

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