Sunday, December 15, 2013

Let's Party, or the Terrorists Win

This might be as close as I ever get to a philosophic thought about music.  Don’t worry, it dissipates pretty quickly.

This record is so over the top it’s funny. It’s fast and loud - the lyrics are usually shouted. And melodies? I wouldn’t know. I haven’t noticed any yet. There’s even some organ to add extra bombast. (Because there wasn’t enough already?)

The theme is PARTY! (Three of the songs have the word in their titles.)  There are love songs, too.  (Okay, maybe not “Take it Off”.)  

One of them to New York, titled, oddly enough, “I Love NYC”, which at first I thought was just a typical “hurray for fill-in-the-city” song. But then I noticed the album’s release date - November 13, 2001, and that some of the album was recorded in New York.

So it hit me. Andrew W.K. is that guy from high school who is big enough to kick your ass, and because he’s a simple guy and you’re a nerd, has every reason to want to kick your ass, but doesn’t.  Instead, he’s actually friendly to you! And like God (I’m told), he likes you and wants you to have a good time.

And after 9/11, he decided that what this country needs is a good party. You know, to show the world what we do best. Party our asses off! And who knows? Maybe we wouldn’t have gotten around to that war. Sorry, wars. Although that’s mine - and possibly not Andrew’s - thinking.

And while I’m a few decades too old to really appreciate it, I admire the sentiment. It seems so singled-minded in its advocacy of said partying, that I suspect it’s all a con.  Which makes it more fun. Otherwise I look ridiculous playing it.

This is such a good hearted record I feel like I owe it a higher grade. But I’m too much of a miserable bastard to play it a lot. If the situation were reversed, Andrew’s such a sweetheart, he’d mark me on a curve. B

When to Play It: When you’ve had too much coffee and, for some reason, love the world.
When NOT To Play It: Late at night when everybody’s trying to sleep. Wakes (maybe the day after, though)

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